Where The Wild Things Are Carol Costumes

I made a Where the Wild Things Are costume for my boyfriend to wear. He went as a wild thing and I was Max. It was based on the Spike Jonze movie version of the wild thing named Carol. I have documented the full "making of" on my blog. If you wish to see how it was made and more final photos they are posted here. In addition to making of photos there are a few time-lapse videos available on the blog.

I hand sewed all the fur on the costume. The base for the head is made of paper mache. There is an opening in the mouth that he can see through. I made the entire costume in two and half weeks. I worked on it after work in my living room. It was a hit at the party and all the kids wanted pictures. I had a lot of fun making the costume and even more fun walking it around all night.

Submitted by Jessica Bayliss, Van Nuys, CA


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