Where the Wild Things Are Costumes

Where the Wild Things Are was a children’s book long before it was ever a movie. Published in 1963 and written by Maurice Sendak, the book tells the story of Max, a little boy horsing around in a wolf costume. After going to bed without supper a sea appears in his room through the power of his imagination and he sails to the land of Wild Things. Max doesn’t show any fear and declares he is the king of all things wild and conquers the monsters he meets there. Max embodies the wild spirit and energy in all children, making this story a great anthem for kids everywhere, of course making Where the Wild Things Are costumes quite popular.

Originally the monsters in Where the Wild Things Are were based on funny caricatures of the author’s aunts and uncles, which he named them after: Tzippy, Moishe, Aaron, Emile and Bernard. Fans of the movie may have noticed that some names were changed. The monster Max is closest too, Carol, was originally Moishe in the book.

Making a homemade Max costume is fairly simple since his “wolf” costume is basically pajamas altered to include ears and tail. (And of course, don’t forget the King’s crown.) Costumes of the monsters from Where the Wild Things Are would require a lot more effort, but of course that doesn’t stop fans. Whether you’re an adult who’s been a long time fan of the book or a kid who’s just seen the movie, Where the Wild Things Are costumes are fun and magical.

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