Which Celebrity Will Make the Best Costume?


2009 has been full of celebrity news from tragedies to triumphs that have got everyone's full attention. So of course if you want to stand out this year on Halloween the best way to do it is to steal some celebrity status and dress up like your favorite star. But the big question is which celebrities? Bloomacious suggests a few popular 2009 costume ideas like the late Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Sarah Palin and everyone's favorite underdog Susan Boyle. We've already seen some great celebrity costumes. Heck, even the costume stores are making it easy to be infamous this year by selling a Kate Gosselin wig! Check out all of the 2009 celebrity costume ideas at Bloomacious. And if you don't want the kind of attention dressing up as a super star will earn you, we suggest that you at least dress up as someone blogworthy.

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