Why Kids Hate Halloween


While all of us here at Costume Pop have fond childhood memories of Halloween and look for new reasons to dress up in costume year-round not every kid loves the holiday as much as we do. In fact, some kids downright hate Halloween. We have to admit if we had to wear an embarrassing costume we'd probably hate it too. Check out these terrible costumes and find out why some kids hate Halloween.

Don't let your sons leave the house dressed like girls on Halloween... at least not until they can grow some facial hair to make it obvious they're in costume and won't be mistaken for actual pretty little girls by old ladies. That doesn't do much for a young man's ego.

Lame family group costumes like this BLT sandwich are fun until you hit about 6... you seen see it on the oldest kid's face that he hates his parents.

Geez, you might as well stick a kick me sign on your kid if you're going to dress them like a purple dinosaur.

Sure, video game costumes are usually cooler than most but this fly guy costume from Super Mario Brothers is still just a hoodie and a paper plate.

Come on Mom, he wanted to be a ferocious lion, not a cuddly kitty cat.

These father and son matching elephant costumes must have been Mom's idea because even Dad looks like he's having a hard time faking a smile.

Who wants to be a sidekick when you can be a superhero? A Robin costume is a cute choice but if you want him to be happy you should just let him be Batman for Halloween.

Kids like to be cool things like firetrucks... not your company's delivery truck.

Ew mustard? Everyone knows that kids prefer ketchup.

Yikes. His parents could have at least put him in red to match.

Just because you love Star Wars doesn't mean she loves Star Wars. Just let her wear a normal princess costume like the other little girls.

"Aw Mom, I don't want to wear the same costume Susie's wearing. Can't I at least be a cowboy so I can tie her up and take her land?"

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