Why Pets Hate Halloween


Some pets are really good sports about pet Halloween costumes, but not every cat and dog likes dress up. You really have to know your own pet and what they're willing to tolerate to get some extra treats. Sometimes it seems like your pet can actually understand that the pet costume you're putting them in is incredibly humiliating. We've gathered some examples of why some pets really hate Halloween.

Dressing your dog up as a cat has to be the most embarassing thing you could ever do to him.

And this is the very last picture you'll get of Mittens before he gets your blood all over the his pirate hat.

Whether you make your dog or your cat wear a pumpkin costume you'll get the same result.

For a race that's doesn't show any emotion this Vulcan dog looks a bit apprehensive.

Watch out, we hear Sonic Cat is pretty fast.

It's pretty humiliating to have to dress up as something you chase in the yard.

Chicken Cat totally agrees with Bunny Dog.

Excuse me, but I think your skirt may be a bit too short for Catholic school... we can see everything.

You can take a guinea pig out of the country, but you can't take the country out of a guinea pig.

We're pretty sure that this is the dog equivalent of a biker dressing up as a pretty princess.

Bumble Bee cat wants you to buzz off!

It's such a hassle to be followed around by your fans when you dress up like the Dog Whisperer.

Sure, demons are scary, but a Japanese Oni cat costume just looks kind of silly.

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