Wicked Witch Costume Elite


Every year, a ton of great new Halloween costumes hit the market.  Some of these new costumes are dedicated to new cultural icons or even dedicated to a new video game character. However, there can be no doubt that a classic costume will always resonate with all who see it.  Frankenstein or Dracula will always be instantly recognizable.

A classic Halloween character as the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz film carries the same level of significance.  The Wicked Witch Costume is an adult costume that instantly hits the mark.   Few costumes are able to tap into so many cultural references and childhood memories as well as a good quality Wicked Witch costume.

Take the Wicked Witch Elite Collection Adult Costume, for example.  Few women’s costumes have the power to “creep people out” like this classic costume.  Just seeing that green face and those green hands is likely to send a momentary twinge down the back of even the bravest amongst us.

This timeless costume comes with the Wicked Witch’s full-length petticoat and classic pointy hat.  If you really want to make a wild and unforgettable statement at that next Halloween party, then consider grabbing a couple of friends and putting them in Flying Monkey Adult Costumes.  The second you and your gang of Flying Monkeys walk in the door you have created Halloween gold.

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