Wicket the Ewok Costumes

For Jackson’s costume, I pretty much just followed the Simplicity #2506 pattern for a teddy bear. Instead of the suggested fabrics, I used crazy thick fake fur and omitted the hand/foot cuffs. I also made the ears slightly smaller but looking back on the pictures, I probably could have taken them in even more. The head is essentially the same (I didn’t do the velcro closures because I couldn’t flip the crazy thick fur inside out). The leather hood thing I just kinda winged. All in all, very happy with the way it turned out!

And yes, Jim and I are in costume as well. We went as Han Solo and Princess Leia, of course, wearing their Endor rebel outfits. What can I say? A family that nerds together, stays together.

Submitted by Vanessa Brady, El Paso TX

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