Witch Costumes

The witch, much like the vampire, is something of a mascot for the Halloween season.   Thus, the witch costume is a no-brainer for any woman, girl, or fun loving guy, who wants to spread a little magic come the Halloween season. Everyone instantly recognizes the witch.  The wide popularity of witches means that it’s easy to find an adult witch costume, child witch costume or kid’s witch costumes.

Witches, unlike Halloween's other mascot the vampire, come in both the good and the evil version.  Because the witch costumes come in both good and evil varieties, you are free to express either side of your personality.  The Wizard of Oz is still a great source of all sorts of witch costumes. Would-be witches can dress up either as the Good Witch or the Wicked Witch from this timeless classic.

Due to the lasting popularity of the witch costume, there are virtually an endless variety of witch costumes, including Goth witch costumes and some very sexy witch costumes.  In fact, it may surprise some to learn how sexy some of the witch costumes are these days. The tall black pointed witch hat can look very sexy when paired with a tight lacy short black skirt.

Witch costumes are popular with women of all ages and why not?  Witches are mysterious, scary and possess powerful magic.  The best part is if you want to be a witch you can use your magical powers either for good or for evil.  Regardless of what kind of witch you want to be this Halloween season, there is definitely a witch Halloween costume that will let you express whatever witch is inside of you.

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