Wizard of Oz Costume

Some characters really stand the test of time.  This is definitely the case with all of the Wizard of Oz characters.  The Wizard of Oz is one of those very rare works that actually became more popular after it was originally released in theaters.  This was due in part to the fact that the film found new audiences as it was aired every year on television.  Over time and generations, The Wizard of Oz developed into a cultural phenomenon and has become part of our collective language in the Western world and beyond.  One can travel across the world and people will still understand lines from the movie like “we’re not in Kansas anymore,” or they will recognize the Tin Man or the Scarecrow, for example.

Because of its enduring popularity, the Wizard of Oz is likely here to stay. It’s only reasonable to conclude that Wizard of Oz costumes are likely to stay quite popular as well.  Like so many other cultural icons, such as Mickey Mouse, the cast of the Wizard of Oz is instantly recognized.  A Tin Man costume or Cowardly Lion costume will instantly evoke strong positive childhood memories in most people.  The same can be said for a Dorothy costume or a Scarecrow costume.

Part of what makes The Wizard of Oz so unique and quite perfect for Halloween, is that while the movie and book are associated with pleasant memories, The Wizard of Oz also has a dark side.  Witches and the Wicked Witch are prominent and very scary characters.  For this reason the Wicked Witch costume is a really good Halloween costume. It effectively sends mixed messages to many who see it.  On one hand, the Wicked Witch costume is scary, but people also have a very positive association with The Wizard of Oz.

With so many fans already in its corner, there is little doubt that The Wizard of Oz will remain a significant cultural icon.  Over time, this classic story full of relatable iconic stereotypes is likely to gain even more fans.

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