Wolf Costumes

Whether you think wolves should be big and bad, or you see them as loyal and lovely, you might enjoy wearing a wolf costume. Wolves usually get a bad rap in fairy tales and stories for being vicious and dangerous, but in reality wolves aren’t very likely to attack people. And of course stories of werewolves make wolves seem scary.

Wolves from stories make wolf costumes very popular. Granny wolf costumes based on Little Red Riding Hood with a ferocious wolf face and claws with a night gown and bonnet tend to be funny costumes. Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf make a great couples costume idea. The Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs make a great group costume idea, especially for an adult and three kids.

Werewolves and Wolfman costumes are popular scary costume ideas, which could be bought or homemade. An easy to create an impressive werewolf costume is to cut the face out of a wolf mask to get the full head of fur and ears but use your own makeup to create a realistic face.

Some wolf costumes are far less sinister and can actually be cute. Max from Where the Wild Things Are wears a simple wolf costume with pointed ears, whiskers and a fluffy tail. Some wolf costumes are based on the animal rather than a character from a story. Wolf costumes can be as simple as ears and a tail or a full body suit with gray or brown fur.

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