Women’s Pirate Wench Plus Costume


These days, just about everyone loves a good, or even a bad pirate.  There is just something charming and romantic about taking to the high seas and being a rough, rouge that sets their own path and does as they please.  At least Halloween and costume parties can fulfill some aspect of that fantasy for most of us.  A good pirate costume allows you to live out some of favorite pirate fantasy in style.  With the Pirate’s Wench Plus Elite Collection Adult costume women have a plus size costume and a women’s costume that is fun, striking and most certainly shouts, “pirate!”

From the moment you lay your eyes on this dress made of white satin and red crushed panne you know you are dealing with a costume of great artistry.  The black and white striped satin bandana and sash add more fun to the mix, as does the leather look laced up top.  All of this distinct elements combine to create a look that will instantly be recognized as, pirate.  Consider adding a great pair of high-heel boots if you really want to rock the party. So feel free to be a wild pirate at your next Halloween party or costume party.

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