Wonder Woman Costume for Adults


Are you a woman that wants to be a hero while still demonstrating some real sex appeal? The Wonder Woman Costume for Adults is a gorgeous costume that will show off your beauty and style. Linda Carter is closely associated with Wonder Woman as she portrayed the character in the Wonder Woman TV series, which debuted in 1975.

Wonder Woman is the strong and powerful companion to Superman and the rest of the Justice League. She is often found in the Hall of Justice fighting crime, or riding around in her invisible jet.  Wonder Woman is one of the most famous female superheroes.   Who wouldn’t love Wonder Woman? She is gorgeous, strong, brave, and has a loyal team of crime-fighting friends.

Almost everyone can instantly identify Wonder Woman as her gold tiara, wristbands, red and white boots and blue starred dress are a dead giveaway. This Wonder Woman Costume for Adults is a truly sexy get-up. The costume comes with high heel red and white boots, a strapless minidress with the Wonder Woman logo, a red cape, gauntlets and the instantly recognizable gold tiara with a red star.  You will turn heads in this amazing Wonder Woman costume.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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