Wonder Woman Dog Costume

Wow, Wonder Woman has really let her self go.  Should we say something?  Don’t be fooled, this completely hilarious dog costume is a sure fire way to get people to sit-up and take notice of you and your doggie pal.  Truthfully, they will probably be begging for more once they see this extremely clever Wonder Woman Dog Costume.  This is one of those Halloween costumes that will have many people scratching their heads and wondering, “who thought this up?”

Indeed, this is one seriously unique superhero costume.  The Wonder Woman Deluxe Dog costume has Wonder Woman’s trademark magic lasso and red cape.  The red cap really makes this dog costume come alive when your dog is in sitting position.  The detail on this animal costume is extensive and very entertaining.  All of the key aspects of the Wonder Woman costume are well represented in this canine superhero costume.

If you are thinking of making your Halloween pick a superhero costume this year, then this is one sidekick costume you should certainly consider.  Keep in mind its not everyday that people see Wonder Woman on a leash!  Just be prepared to hear all night how shocked you were to see how Wonder Woman really let herself “go to the dogs.”

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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