Yoda Costumes

This is a homemade costume.My 8 year old grandson loves star wars and his favorite character is Yoda. Since we all agreed that he has the perfect face to be Yoda face, after doing lots of research on the internet, this is what I came up with. I bought a green hooded sweatshirt, cut the sleeves off and stuffed them with card stock and sewed them to the hood for the ears. I glued some fiber fill to the hood for yoda’s hair and then sewed the rest of the costume using brown flannel for the outfit and broadcloth for the cloak. I lucked into some green gardening gloves so I took them apart and sewed them to look like the yoda’s hands and feet. For the feet, I hot glued them to a pair of slippers. For the cane, I taped together some toilet paper rolls and then coated them with resin to make it hard. He was ready for battle

Submitted by Sandra Pettengill, Winter Haven

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