Yoda Star Wars Costume for Dog

George Lucas has created many lovable and memorable characters for his Star Wars films.  Yet, few are as loved as Yoda.  The wise tiny Jedi master taught Luke Skywalker how to use the force.  Now thanks to this great Star Wars costume, maybe your dog can teach the dog walker a thing or two!

The Star Wars Yoda Dog Costume is one of those rare costumes that has the potential to get a symphony of intense laughs.  If you are planning on dressing up as a Star Wars character for Halloween, how can you not consider getting your dog in on the action?  Why it would almost be a crime against the Republic.

Walking in to a room dressed as Darth Vadar or Luke Skywalker with “Master” Yoda by your side is nothing short of brilliant.  The Yoda Star Wars Costume for Dog is a perfect match for your Star Wars Halloween plans.  This fun dog costume puts your dog’s face where Yoda’s should be, with the headpiece framing your canine’s face.  Additionally, any size of dog can wear this costume.  There are four sizes available, meaning that tiny dogs to even larger dogs can “use the force.”

Thanks to the vastness and creativity of the Star Wars universe, there are other Star Wars dog costumes available, such as the Star Wars Darth Vadar Costume and the Star Wars Princess Leia Costume.  These wonderful animal costumes are a great compliment to the Star Wars Yoda Dog Costume.  If you have more than one dog, just imagine the possibilities for a moment.  Why the possibilities are nearly as endless as space itself!

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