“You Need Oxiclean!” costumes

My husband and I wanted to win a costume competition at a friend's Halloween party. Since we're low-budget when it comes to Halloween costumes we used our physical attributes to our advantage. My husband already has dark hair, but the beard is black eyeliner. My OxiClean bucket is cardboard wrapped around two hula-hoops. I photo-shopped the OxiClean logo on my bucket from a pic I found online, then printed it as a poster at a local photography store. My husband grew out his hair to give it the Billy Mays "slick rick" salesman look, and he wore an old blue dress shirt with an OxiClean logo pinned on the chest. Everyone at the party laughed so hard when we walked through the door, AND we won the best couples costume award. R.I.P. Billy Mays!

Submitted by Erin Brown, Provo, UT

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