Zelda Bouffant Dog Costume

On occasion, a dog costume comes along that can just “stop the show.”  Finding a good dog costume is practically magic in its own right.  The Zelda Bouffant Dog Costume takes this Halloween costume magic to a new level with one of the cutest dog costumes in history!  After all that our four-legged buddies do for us, let’s not forget them come Halloween.  The Zelda Bouffant Dog Costume is a great way to say, “Yes, pooch, I remembered you on Halloween.”

The star of this costume is, of course, your pet, but there can be no argument that the hot pink beehive wig is a close second place.  Let’s face it, whoever thought of putting this hot pink wig on a cute and cuddly dog is simply a genius!  The light pink dress and rimmed glasses help bring this dog costume to life and then some.

Luckily, this dog costume comes in small, medium and large meaning that almost any sized dog can wear this clever costume.  Anyone looking for a wonderful dog costume for their little, loyal sidekick need look no further than the Zelda Bouffant Dog Costume.  Spread some Halloween cheer with the sight of your dog walking down the street wearing a pink wig.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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