Zelda the Punk Dog Costume

With costumes as cute and cuddly as the Zelda Punk Dog Costume, it is almost criminal not to let man’s best friend get in on the Halloween costume action.  This amazingly unique and completely eye-catching dog costume stands out in even the most wild of crowds.  The Zelda Punk Dog Costume has the ability to not only have your pooch get noticed wherever you might go, but also will have people talking about your cute rebellious canine for days and weeks to come.

This lovable mutt costume comes with a black zip-up jacket and matching pants.  But that is only the beginning of the fun.  The wild, spiked neon red wig and studded collar combine to form a wildly anarchic costume sure to delight all that get in its way.  While there are plenty of pet costumes on the market, it won’t be easy finding one that can match the Zelda the Punk Dog costume for its purebred gumption and rebellious attitude.  This is one animal costume that says, “I know your rules…I just don’t care.”

Combine the Zelda the Punk Dog Costume with a punk costume of your own, and you have the makings for a Halloween delight.  Animal costumes can be great fun for both owner and animal and this is doubly true for dog costumes.  Nothing beats the fun of hitting the town with a punk rock version of man’s best friend on Halloween and getting all the attention.

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