Zoltar Costumes

Well, this year I went all out.
Completely DIY - for your consideration...
ZOLTAR (A fortune teller inspired from the movie BIG)
and to make it even creepier. I mounted it on a segway. so it MOVES and follows people!

Happy Halloween!

Submited by Jonathan Gleich, Brooklyn, NY

Sure, Zoltar the fortune teller makes a cool costume... all you need is a gold turban, curly mustache and a paisley vest. We're not missing anything? Oh yeah, you also need a huge glass and wood cabinet. This amazing costume isn't simply a Zoltar costume, but a Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine costume, complete with a giant wheeled box that doesn't miss any detail. The painted sign on the front, light up crystal ball, drapes, light fixtures and even the coin slots are all included in this extraordinary moving costume.
Zoltar - the fortune teller machine from "Big". Fully portable on the frame of a walker. Complete with LED lights, a dollar bill acceptor, and a "psychic" plasma ball!

Submitted by Jake, Kalamazoo, MI


This is a working replica of the Zoltar fortune telling machine from the movie Big. Is worn like a backpack, and has working lights, sound, ramp movement, and card dispenser just like in the movie.

I included a YouTube video of the costume in action for your view pleasure!


Submitted by Jonathan Perkins, Los Angeles, CA


This costume idea I got from the movie Big. It was great fun creating and wearing it.
I used a moving box, paint,and scrap material

Submitted by Tina Babcock, Montague, MI

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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