Zombie Costume Party

A zombie costume party is guaranteed to be really intense, really creepy and a little scary.  In fact, you won’t know what is creepier, a bunch of zombies standing around, or a bunch of zombies standing around drinking and laughing.

The fact is you haven’t had a party until you’ve had a party where you get to see zombies hitting on one another.  A bored female zombie stuck in a corner while a drunken zombie hits on her is simply priceless.  Today there are so many great zombie costumes, such as the zombie prom queen, zombie bride and the Zombie Pirate Walk-Around Adult Costume that it may be hard to choose.  All of these options mean that your zombie costume party is going to be filled with scary costumes that are also impressive costumes.

Because zombies are terrifying undead creatures, they immediately establish a gothic and dark mood.  With this in mind, decorating a zombie party can actually be pretty easy.  Almost any gruesome and scary Halloween decoration will work well.

Food can be a scream at a zombie costume party. Just look for food that looks like brains or other human body parts. (And, of course, foods that look like blood, guts, worms, brains, you get the picture.)  Just make sure to feed your zombies well or your neighbors might be in trouble.

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