Zombie Prom 2009 Costumes


Anyone who was too much of a freak to find a date to their high school prom may have found someone to share their heart (as well as their brains) with at Zombie Prom. Philly Zombie Crawl hosted the 2009 Philly Zombie Prom on September 27 at the Trocadero Theatre where all of the local undead rose from their graves to dance and have some punch. Everyone who attended got free prom pictures taken and anyone without their own makeup got zombiefied at the door by Terror Behind the Walls. There was also live music by Live Not On Evil and The Young Werewolves.

And of course at the end of the night a zombie prom king and queen were crowned. (Apparently Zombie Incredible Hulk lives near Philly)


Check out more pics of scary Zombie Prom costumes from Zombie Prom 2009 @ Flickr.

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